Developments in SEO and Semantic Search

Last month I gave a talk at the Independent Publishers’ Guild Spring Conference titled Smart Search: How to apply search engine data in publishing. Based on that talk, here are some thoughts on:

  • Where SEO is today
  • Where it’s going
  • What we can learn
  • How to apply it

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Writing Better Content for Usability and SEO

On the web, people rarely read things carefully if they read them at all. Jakob Nielsen identified the now familiar F-shaped scanning pattern decades ago, and many writers for the web employ some version of his advice for adapting content to this behaviour.

As content quality takes a more prominent role in SEO, what are some key considerations and techniques in approaching content production?

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Writing For Comprehension & Engagement

Dan Petrovic’s recent Whiteboard Friday at Moz got me thinking. The premise was his own recent finding that only 16% of people he surveyed read all of an article word-for-word, and this just happens to be the exact same statistic Jakob Nielsen came up with in 1997.

That’s interesting, but is Dan missing the point?

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